The challenge is clear and ambitious: to mold the three dimensional art of the best and bravest
famous international artists into long-lasting pieces of artwork, so that anyone can feel the
amazing sensation of becoming an essential part of the exclusive masterpieces created by those
All the jewels are thoughtfully considered and studied by the artists and, in cooperation with Marylart,
reach the highest level of technical achievement : the art becomes easy to wear and enters in
people's everyday lives.
Each jewel is original and exclusive and, just like a sculpture, is numbered and signed by the artist
who also signs the certificate of authenticity accompanying the jewel.
Thus each jewel is a real piece of art freed from the original decorative function and ready to
become a single creation which challenges the ordinary idea of separation between a piece of art
and a portable jewel. Through experimentation with new techniques and non-conventional materials,
which lead to rethink in a flexible way the major ideas and themes from the most classic figurative
art, the artists are able to create small masterpieces. Each jewel therefore, obtains a value directly
proportional to the power of the artistic expression and the aesthetic, symbolic and cultural messages
conveyed by each artist.
This very particular form of art, which has steadily developed in the 20th century, has obtained a
unique and independent role in the world of art. It is suitable for the most demanding, accurate and
detail-attentive collectors as its increasing exhibitions at international art museums demonstrates.
Moreover, these jewels have begun to be sold at the most important auctions for contemporary art
and are described in prestigious publications on the topic.
For this reason, this exclusive art form has innovated and reinvigorated the world of modern collection.