The stunning array of portable sculptures, edited by MARYLART, are eclusively designed
and manufactured by international renowned artists: through each of these creations
there is a fusion between works of art and jewelry, thus giving life to small masterpieces.
The challenge is clear and ambitious: to mold the three-dimensional art of the best and
bravest famous international artists into long-lasting pieces of artwork, so that anyone
can feel the amazing sensation of becoming an essential part of the exclusive masterpieces
created by those artists.
Marylart invites renowned international artists to create original wereable sculptures,
most using precious materials, but also experimenting new techniques and non-conventional
materials: the artist works together with specialized goldsmiths, based in Italy, and
produces the final piece. Finally results an exclusive jewel that totallly reflects the
philosophy of the artist. For most artists it’s the first time that they face this particular
kind of art, so they seize the opportunity to reduce their work to a smaller dimension,
unusual for them, and the result stimulates and increases their artistic attitude.
All the jewels are thoughtfully considered and studied by each artist, who, in cooperation
with Marylart, reach the highest level of technical achievement: the art becomes easy to wear
and enters in people's everyday lives.
Each jewel is original and exclusive and, just like a sculpture, is numbered and signed by
the artist who also signs the certificate of authenticity accompanying the jewel: these
pieces are created exclusively for Marylart in series of 8 exemplars, but some few
multiples of 100.
Thus each jewel is a real piece of art, freed from the original decorative function and
ready to become a single creation, a small masterpiece which challenges the idea of
putting together a piece of art and a portable jewel: they create “a pocket-size museum”
as the art critic Pierre Restany used to say.
A selection of Marylart’s collaboration projects is present in private collections and
Museums all over the world, including Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, EDF Foundation
in Paris, Musée du Temp in Besançon, Museum of Art and Design in New York and some pieces
are currently shown in the world’s Art Museums itinerant exhibition “From Picasso to Koons:
the artist as jeweler”, curated by Diane Venet.
This very particular form of art, which has steadily developed in the 20th century, has
obtained a unique and independent role in the world of art. It is suitable for the most
demanding, accurate and detail-attentive collectors as its increasing exhibitions at
international art museums demonstrates. Moreover, these jewels have begun to be sold at
the most important auctions for contemporary art and are described in prestigious
publications on the topic.
Every jewel has been made for special people, attentive collectors who can see the
thoughtfulness and deep meaning behind an object and who want to wear something exclusive
and exeptional. For this reasons, this exclusive art form has innovated and reinvigorated
the world of modern collection.